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Aunts and Uncles

Jingili Elisha
D.O.B. 19-10-1992
Lady of leisure

Mirra My Freya
D.O.B. 8-7-1996
Lady of Leisure


Mirra Empress Rani
D.O.B. 9-12-1988
Lady of Leisure

Mirra Montezuma
D.O.B. 5-12-1999
Uncle and Kitten Entertainer
Brood Queens

Mirra Queen Isis
D.O.B. 13-03-2002

Mirra Queen Sekhet
D.O.B. 9-11-1998

     Hi, My name is Francine Skane and I live at Little Bay, Sydney, Australia.  Since 1986 my hobby has been the breeding of Siamese and I specialise in the breeding of the Pure full Seal Points (24).  I am a member of the Siamese Cat Society of N.S.W. Inc. and the N.S.W. Cat Fanciers Association Inc.
     I bought my first Seal Point Siamese in 1970, unfortunately she had a heart attack in 1985, when I decided two would be nice and to let them have a litter each.  My Siamese are my pets.  They are part of our family, but we so enjoy having kittens running around the house, it has become an all absorbing hobby.  We just love Siamese cats.